I love the new line and oli Just looks so good in all of it D:
FV8A4516-2 on Flickr.Sunset at lake wood (Joe Morley)
FV8A4314 on Flickr.My photo :) (Joe Morley) model (Ellie Underdown)
5-3 on Flickr.:) joe Morley photos
FV8A1659-2 on Flickr.Another photo of mine :) in kyoto
3-4 on Flickr.Photo I took in Tokyo
FV8A2756 on Flickr.My photo of lake wood
FV8A4380 on Flickr.
FV8A4288 on Flickr.Another portrait of Ellie by me (Joe Morley)
FV8A4238-2 on Flickr.Ellie in the woods ;) photo by me (Joe Morley) canon 85mm